Taking Your Blog To The Next Level


A sharing sessions : Optimizing Your Blog and Monetize Social Media

When blogging is not just writing, all you need is creating content that Google will find. Get a loyal readers and branding of your blog. And don’t forget to optimize your social media channel.

Meet our speakers, the speaker of Kemenkumham Blogging Workshop:
Nunik Utami – Writing Trainer & Content Creator at AloDokter.com (@Nunik_Utami) – Creating SEO Content
PutriKPM – Social Media Enthusiast & Digital Strategies at Agrakom PR  (@PutriKPM) – Monetize Social Media
Shintaries – Blog Trainer at Fun Blogging Workshop 1-10, Winner of Lifestyle Blog, Founder Blogger Perempuan (@Shintaries) –  SEO for Branding Blog